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Cloud Native Development &
AI and IoT


The Campus
De Villermontstraat 9
2550 Kontich


Thursday, April 9, 2020

17:45 - 21:30








The future of Cloudnative Development is here

Jeroen Sterken // Galagio

If AI can generate music, create art and play chess, what stops it from writing code as well? In fact, the code robots are already here! So the real question remains: will code robots eventually take over our jobs as developers?

In this talk, we take a look at a world where developers & smart assistants (Bayou, DeepCode, …) live side by side: detecting problems & suggesting code based on the analysis of millions lines of code in github. A world where past project experiences will be used to suggest automated time estimations & roadmaps. A world where design mockups will be automatically converted (Sketch2Code) into HTML and CSS. A world where if a customer requires a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), we can have him write down some requirements in plain text and AI will generate a proof of concept.

It might sound absurd that programmers - the people who actually build intelligent algorithms - might get replaced by the very technology they created. Luckily for us, specifying software and understanding what problem it’s going to solve is much harder than just writing the code. This is something only humans can do. However, that doesn't mean AI will be irrelevant for developers. It is safe to assume that AI will grow in importance and have a defined support role for developers in shortening the software development cycle and helping us produce better and more affordable software.

Are you ready to start the future of development?



Connecting the ground to the cloud with AI & IoT

Jeroen Van De Laer & Steffen Vandegaer // Fairiots

AI and IoT, a match made in the cloud.

Why is this combination so powerful? IoT devices are our new senses, AI is an extra brain to process this information, and the cloud acts as the body, connecting it all together.

This talk is about:

  • Creating AI & IoT application on AWS

  • Using IoT devices to enhance our surroundings

  • Using AI to learn and give suggestions

  • Visualizing data via serverless backend

We will present a use case that gives a clear view on the farm of the future, where the life of a farmer is made easier using a combination of AI and IoT. It makes him more aware of what is happening at his farm, whenever and where ever he is. He can control the watering of his plants, just by the press of a button. AI can ease the work even further by making plant watering suggestions: a system that uniquely trains on how the specific farmer normally waters his fields and makes suggestions according to new data readings.

So, how can AI and IoT make your life easier?





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